Power of Employee Referrals

Recruitment is an important process in every organization. Recruiters spend days promoting an open position, searching for potential candidates, generating leads, screening applicants, scheduling interviews and finally converting a lead. With a good recruitment plan we can decrease the time spent in the recruitment process. Employee Referral is one that would boost your recruitment process. It can help you to generate good leads with minimum efforts.  Now let’s see how it works! A Referral Scheme […]

How branding plays an important role In recruitment strategy

Branding is important for any business. It helps you in getting a good customer base and more business. But do you know emphasizing on your branding strategy can also help you to get excellent human resources too? In this blog we’ll let you know the importance of branding in recruitment and what branding strategy you should adopt to achieve your target resources. When we are talking about Recruitment our branding strategy will be divided into two parts. […]

How To Use Internal Resources for Hiring

Are looking for a timely and cost-effective method to hire….hire quality resources!! Let’s have a look at one unique way of dealing with this situation.  Recruitment is a never-ending process in organizations and you have many methods for achieving the same. These methods depend on the requirements, size, time, scale of hiring and budget of the organization. We as an organization do use various methods for recruitment and we find using internal resources more productive. […]

Cost Effective Recruitment Strategies for a Startup

Recruitment is always a priority task for any HR in the company. Big companies have a dedicated recruitment department. But in startups or small organizations, one or two member HR teams manage recruitment themselves along with their additional HR tasks. The company always wants to make every new hire and onboarding cost-effective, but do you know what smart steps can help you to deliver the same? If you are a startup or a small organization […]

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