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Solutions from our partners
making Cloud solutions a reality!

Selectiva has been a cloud solution provider since 2003, having developed a close
working relationship with a number of providers that helps address critical pain
points for our customers.

Solution Partners

Selectiva, in partnership with leading solution providers, has deployed ‘business solutions’ that assist our enterprise customers to achieve concrete results for their business challenges. We partner with many companies and solution providers to bring world-class strategies to our customers.

Bridge Product

Apttus X-Author for Excel

Apttus has delivered Quote-to-Cash solutions to increase sales and maximize visibility and control one the world’s most trusted and comprehensive cloud platform, the Salesforce Platform. With X-Author product of Apttus, Excel becomes the UI for Salesforce; it’s just native Excel and Salesforce. Essentially Excel becomes an alternative and much quicker Salesforce UI for so many tasks. X-Author also has capability for ‘Express Data Migration’ and gets it done 80% faster. For more information about X-Author for Excel, visit:


Calendar Anything

Silverline is the developer of Calendar Anything, scheduling and management solution for Salesforce. The solution is used to schedule, manage marketing campaigns, plan projects and more. With 100,000 plus users of Calendar Anything app; it helps in increasing Salesforce adoption by eliminating the need for external calendars. The company was founded in 2002 and focus exclusively on the end-to-end implementation of products and powerful third party apps. The company is based in New York, NY. For more information, visit

Business Intelligence

Go2Group – CRM plugin for JIRA

Go2Group is a worldwide provider of Application Development Lifecycle Management (ADLM) consulting services. With their CRM plugin for Atlassian JIRA; they have enabled effortless, bi-directional integration of accounts, contacts, cases, custom fields, and objects between your CRM systems (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics) and Atlassian JIRA. For more information, visit

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