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It is an application that provides benefits of lightning and authorizes the administration of your entire (SFDC) ecosystem.


Selectmeta is a user friendly VSCode extension which helps Salesforce developers to retrieve metadata without leaving the VSCode IDE. It is another add-on in the SFDX tool set.


Intellectual Property (IP) is legal property rights over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial.


Select*Channel Revenue Manager (Select*ChRM)

Select*ChRM allows you to obtain critical control of your entire channel processes such as Special Promotions and Discounts, Point of Sales (POS), Claims Management etc.

Select*Channel (SChRM)

These are critical components of your Revenue Management and can ensure an engaged and successful channel partner relationships.

Select*Returns Management (SRM)

It provides you the ability to handle different types of returns and allows you to route the complex approval process of returns from list of approvers and approve/reject them or put them on hold.

Select*Trade Promotions (STP)

It provides you capability to maintain those special price requests or price negotiations for all business units in one system.

Select*Intellectual Property (SIP) Management

Select*Intellectual Property (SIP) Management system provides you capabilities to calculate and manage various types of royalty calculations restricted by the legal agreements.

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