Select*Intellectual Property (SIP) Management


Intellectual Property (IP) is legal property rights over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial. Common types of IP include royalty, copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets. The majority of IP rights provide creators of original works economic incentive to develop and share ideas through a form of temporary monopoly. IP terms and conditions are legal agreement between the IP Owner and the organization using those ideas. The big question for all organizations using IP’s is how to calculate, manage and maintain various IP owners using one system.

Select*Intellectual Property (SIP) Management system provides you capabilities to calculate and manage various types of royalty calculations restricted by the legal agreements. SIP also provide you capability to maintain various users of the system so that users can perform/edit calculations and there respective manager can approve/reject it after review. SIP can also create connections with ERP system of any organization providing facility to create automated payments against the respective royalty calculation.

  • Royalty/Intellectual Property (IP) management solution for Licensors and Licensees.
  • Allows your finance, legal and marketing teams to view and act on same information.
  • Solutions both for Cloud and Enterprise environments.
  • Secure role-based application with complete integration with Oracle EBS, and other CRM/financial(s) systems.
  • Provides full visibility of licensor, licensee relationships for all teams (sales, finance, revenue, marketing and legal team).
  • Powerful solution, world class seamless integration to world class solutions namely X-Author for Excel from Apttus,, and Oracle EBS ERP.
  • Intuitive user interface for critical tasks like monthly, quarterly, and annual licensee payments to vendors.
  • Seamless security with your current security set-ups for Cloud and Enterprises.
  • One click calculation of all rules and rule engines for payment accuracy.
  • Ability to manage retrospective adjustments and recursive adjustments to ensure compliance of all legal contractual obligations.
  • All data is always stored in your backend application, namely Oracle EBS or
  • Ability to provide mobile access (e.g.: iPad) for your users.
  • Improve compliance of all IP related legal obligations.
  • Make it easy for finance team to accurately estimate licensee obligations or licensor estimations.
  • Make it easy to provide data for regular audits from vendors auditors.
  • One-click calculations done to ensure all rules are enabled for payments to vendors.
  • Make it easy for Finance, and Costing teams to get an accurate, real-time information of payments to vendors.
  • Improve calculations of cost accruals to vendors and cost estimations of outgoing payments.
  • Rule based engine facilitates easy set-ups of new vendors.
  • Easy reporting provides ease of use to access reports and raw data for further analysis.
  • Make it easy for your organization and the distributor’s organization to monitor and manage the IP compliance process.
  • Significant improvement in IP related business processes to ensure compliance with all extant legal contracts, and agreements.
Enterprise Architecture:
  • Select*IP (SIP) for Licensor and Licensee relationship management has been developed as an add-on for Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS). Select*IP is built using industry standard JSP and Javascript (AJAX) for enhanced intuitive user interfaces (Web 2.0). All Select* products from Selectiva meet Oracle mandated rules of product development namely RICE and CEMLI standards to ensure customers are not in violation of Oracle Support Contracts.
  • For non-mobile deployments, Select*IP (SIP) requires the following environments: Oracle EBS 11.5.10 CU2 or Oracle Channel Revenue Management (ChRM) (R12.1.1 or higher).
  • Mobile deployment scenarios depend on mobile devices (iPhone, Nexus, or similar smartphones) with Android, or IOS operating systems.
Cloud Architecture
  • Select*IP on cloud is completely developed native to
  • Leveraging the latest that has to offer namely VisualForce,, Apex, Wave and Lightning, Select*IP simplifies compliance for licensees and accurate calculations for licensors.
  • Add on app from X-Author for Excel from Apttus simplifies data loading, data verification, and reporting.
  • Integration with Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management (LCM) ensures rules are consistently stored and used to ensure complete compliance.
Please contact us if you are interested in exploring Select*IP for your mobile users.