Select*Returns Management (SRM)

SRMHandling returns of goods/materials is one of the biggest issues for any organization and especially for retail and manufacturing industry. Handling return includes the complex approval process depending on various factors like type of return (like manufacturing defect or customer didn’t like it etc) and the amount involved.

Select*Returns Management (SRM) provides you ability to handle different types of returns and allows you to route the complex approval process of returns from list of approvers and approve/reject them or put them on hold. This system also provides you capability to attach supporting documents and print reports. SRM also provides capability to print detailed reports.

Select*Returns Management (SRM) provides you capability to manage all the special tasks related to Returns. In this system, business owners have capabilities to enter the RMA, submit it for approval, approve/reject or track any aspect of the RMA and also allows user to view approved and closed RMA’s and print/track various types on reports.

  • Distributor and channel management solution.
  • Allows your internal and external users to view and act on same information.
  • Secure role-based application with complete integration with Oracle EBS (ChRM Channel Revenue Management) and other CRM systems.
  • Allows your internal staff (sales, operations, finance, service & order desk) to have full visibility into items being returned by  your distributors’ and trading partners.
  • Powerful solution, world class solution with seamless integration to Oracle EBS ERP.
  • Intuitive user interface for critical tasks like creating RMA, Tracking RMA, Approval flow for various returned items depending upon business units' defined logic for routing, Approve or reject RMA's, Assess the financial impact and also provide a replacement or return of goods. Security is seamless with your current Oracle EBS users roles and security set-ups
  • All data is always stored in your backend application, namely Oracle EBS ERP (Financials, ChRM, Pricing).
  • Ability to provide mobile access (e.g.: iPad) for your users.
  • Improve correct revenue in business net of returns.
  • Make it easy for distributors to do business with your organization.
  • Makes it easy for distributor to return any items and for Sales OPS to process the RMA.
  • Improved productivity tools for your distributors such as Portal access for easy processes for create RMA, Approve RMA, and process all aspects of a RMA.
  • Make it easy for distributors/dealers to run their business with easy submission of request for returns of defective items, returns of non-salable inventory, or replacements.
  • Improved collaboration and communication between Sales OPS, Quality,  Customer Service and your distributors.
  • Make it easy for Finance, and Sales OPS to provide accurate, real-time information to distributors for true impact of returns or EOL (end of life products).
  • Improve channel partners communication and reduce customer service costs.
  • Ensure quick turnaround, improve efficiency and effectiveness while driving down channel handling costs.
  • Measure and manage your distributor network’s performance.
  • Make it easy for your organization and the distributor’s organization to monitor and manage the RMA processes, and returns management.

Select*Trade Promotions (STP) for Distributor and Channel management has been developed as an add-on for Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS) Channel Revenue Management (ChRM) Special Pricing requests. Select*ChRM is built using industry standard JSP and Javascript (AJAX) for enhanced intuitive user interfaces (Web 2.0). All Select* products from Selectiva meet Oracle mandated rules of product development namely RICE and CEMLI standards to ensure customers are not in violation of Oracle Support Contracts.

For non-mobile deployments, Select*Returns Management (SRM)  requires the following environments: Oracle EBS 11.5.10 CU2 or Oracle Channel Revenue Management (ChRM) (R12.1.1 or higher).

Mobile deployment scenarios depend on mobile devices (iPhone, Nexus, or similar smartphones) with Android, or IOS operating systems. Please contact us if you are interested in exploring Select*Trade Promotions (STP) for your mobile users.