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The first functional prototype of the Internet came about in the late 1960s and was used mostly by government agencies to share research information and communicate over a single network. It has been over five decades, and the Internet has grown tremendously since then. Across the globe, more than 5 billion people use the Internet, and the number of users grows every year. We have upwards of a billion websites at our disposal, and more
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October 19, 2022

Importance of Quality Assurance

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When most people think about Quality Assurance, they imagine the process of testing products before delivering it to the customer. In the Software Development Life Cycle, QA involves Verification and validation of the software product through code inspection, Functional testing, Regression testing, load testing Performance using the testing cases that assess user experience and more. In manufacturing, it requires acceptance sampling, error proofing, statistical process control, and stress testing, among other things. The goal in
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September 30, 2022

Salesforce CPQ and Billing

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What is CPQ and why should I be using it? CPQ stands for Configure, Price and Quote. CPQ is an extension of your CRM and it allows you to create structured and scalable sales processes. CPQ ensures that sales reps sell the right product combinations, and it also controls discounting and automates approvals. Implementing CPQ makes sales people more effective and helps close more deals and helps to close more deals for your company. So
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The Salesforce Platform currently has three automation tools: Workflow Rules, Process Builder, and Flow. In order to streamline its automation tools, Salesforce will be phasing out Workflow Rules and Process Builder in the near future. While your current Workflow Rules and Process Builders will continue to run, Salesforce will be stopping active development on Process Builder and Workflow Rules. Instead, they recommend you to create new automations using Flow. This change will help simplify the
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Salesforce is widely recognized as one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. It is a cloud-based software that enables companies to seamlessly connect with their customers. Salesforce provides several offerings that are developed with the objective of managing all the different aspects of any business. Some of the most commonly used Salesforce products are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Revenue Cloud, and Nonprofit Cloud. Clients can leverage any combination

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