Revolutionize Returns Management with Select*Returns: Streamlining complex processes for efficient and hassle-free handling

Handling returns of goods/materials is one of the most significant issues for any organization, primarily in the retail and manufacturing industry. Managing returns includes the complex approval process depending on factors like the return type and the amount involved.
Select*Returns Management (SRM)* allows you to handle different types of returns and routes the complex approval process from a list of approvers, approving/rejecting them or putting them on hold. The system lets you attach supporting documents and print detailed reports, providing complete visibility into returns-related tasks. With a user-friendly interface, SRM simplifies critical tasks such as creating, tracking, and approving returns, ensuring efficient returns management.

Efficient Returns Revolution: Unleash seamless visibility and control with Select*Returns Management (SRM)

Select*Returns Management (SRM) is a comprehensive solution for efficient returns management, enabling internal and external users to access and act on the same information. This secure, role-based application integrates with Oracle EBS (ChRM Channel Revenue Management) and other CRM systems. It empowers internal staff, including sales, operations, finance, service, and the order desk, with complete visibility into items returned by distributors and trading partners.

Intuitive Lightning Interface

Select*Returns Management (SRM) offers an intuitive lightning interface that simplifies the complexity of returns processing. The user-friendly design enhances user experience and efficiency in managing return-related tasks.

Secure Role-Based Application

Ensuring the security of returns-related data is paramount. SRM provides a secure role-based application, allowing controlled access to sensitive information based on user roles and responsibilities.

Ability to provide Mobile Access

Empower your team on the move with Select*Returns Management’s ability to provide mobile access. Whether on an iPad or similar devices, users can perform critical tasks related to returns management anytime, anywhere.

Key benefits of Select Returns for efficient Returns Management

Select*Returns Management offers unparalleled benefits, reshaping the trajectory of your organization. Benefit from enhanced revenue accuracy, improved RMA processing, streamlined returns for distributors, and real-time returns impact, ensuring a seamless and efficient returns management process.

Enhanced Revenue Accuracy

Improve revenue accuracy by efficiently managing returns. Select Returns streamlines processes, ensuring an accurate assessment of the financial impact of returns and contributing to correct revenue reporting.

Improve RMA Processing

Streamline Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) processing with Select Returns. The solution makes it easy for distributors to submit requests and sales ops to process RMAs and facilitates improved team collaboration.

Streamline Returns for Distributors

Enable distributors to run their businesses smoothly with Select Returns. The platform simplifies the submission of requests for returns of defective items, non-salable inventory, or replacements, contributing to streamlined channel operations.

Provide Real-Time Returns Impact

Empower your organization with real-time data on the impact of returns. Select Returns provides accurate, up-to-date information for informed decision-making, ensuring quick turnaround in channel handling.

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