Transform Data to Derive Value and Actionable Insights

Enterprises rely on data as the key to unlocking innovation. The continuous data cycle demands adept technology partners. Our Data Engineering solutions facilitate optimal data processing, organization, and transformation to drive business assistance. We empower you to attain data goals, monitor operations, and deliver. Our capabilities span data ingestion from diverse sources, creating an enterprise data strategy, configuring cloud data lakes, and establishing robust end-to-end advanced data pipelines on AWS and Azure.

Master Data Excellence with Selectiva’s end-to-end Data Engineering Services

Data Collection & Summarization

We excel in extracting structured and unstructured data from streaming and batch sources. Our data refinement and cleansing processes make it available on legacy databases or cloud systems, empowering users for exploration and analysis.

Data Storage & ELT/ETL

Leveraging advanced techniques, we extract, process, transform, and load data into various systems, including relational, non-relational, NoSQL, big data, and cloud storage. Our approach considers data availability, volume, velocity, and type.

Data Modernization & Migration

Selectiva adopts efficient and innovative migration strategies, seamlessly transferring business data to/from on-prem legacy systems into cloud storage infrastructure or new target platforms.

Data Pipelines

We build production-grade, repeatable, and independent data workflow pipelines. We process data in batch and real-time scenarios using Legacy, Big Data, and Cloud Orchestration tools like DF, Databricks, Synapse, Informatica, etc.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Our expertise extends to legacy and cloud-based deployment services, developing efficient production build and release pipelines based on infrastructure-as-code artifacts. We cover reference/application data, database objects, data pipeline definitions, and data validation/transformation logic.