Maximize On-Premises ERP Potential with Oracle EBS

Navigate complex business landscapes with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) with Selectiva. In a center of excellence, our expert consultants guide you from consultation to implementation, integrating with existing applications optimally. Trust Selectiva, a global technology integrator, to streamline your Oracle applications, enhance efficiency, and future-proof your business for success. We cover various EBS business functions like financials, supply chain, human resources, and CRM.

Integrate the enterprise with Selectiva’s Oracle EBS expertise

Smooth Implementation

Unlock global achievements with our Oracle EBS know-how. Our skilled team ensures seamless implementations across Oracle E-Business and Oracle Cloud apps, streamlining finance, HR, supply chain, and CRM operations. With Selectiva, experience efficiency and smooth information flow for international operations.

EBS Upgrade Roadmap

Stay ahead effortlessly with our EBS Upgrade excellence. Our center of excellence creates roadmaps for seamless upgrades, integrates legacy data, and provides expert support for new releases. Gain real-time visibility into operations, ensuring faster decision-making with up-to-date information.

Tailored Oracle EBS

Boost efficiency with our EBS Customization. Our experts use Oracle technologies to standardize and automate operations, offering on-site or off-site support. Benefit from automation to reduce manual efforts, minimize errors, and free up resources for strategic activities, ensuring efficient processes and improved accuracy.

Comprehensive Support

Experience Oracle EBS excellence with us. From pre-implementation insights to 24/7 support, our contracts ensure extensive expertise. Optimize supply chain processes, streamline customer-related activities, and enhance efficiency, all with end-to-end support, including pre-implementation consultation, deployment, and ongoing maintenance.

Expand Rapidly

Navigate strategic shifts effortlessly with our Scalability expertise. Whether migrating to a newer version or embracing the cloud, our expert consultants guide customers seamlessly. The Oracle EBS suite accommodates increased volumes while maintaining compliance and data security, ensuring your solutions evolve with your enterprise’s changing needs.