Empower your revenue journey with Select*Channel Revenue Manager-Maximize revenue streams with Select*ChRM: Your channel operations powerhouse

Empower your business with Select*Channel Revenue Manager (ChRM), the cornerstone of effective Distributor and Channel Management. Seamlessly control crucial processes like Special Promotions, Point of sales (POS), Claims, Inventory Visibility, and Revenue Recognition. Transform channel relationships into engines of success, fostering engagement and prosperity.
Integrated with your Oracle EBS investment, SelectChRM facilitates real-time collaboration between sales channels and internal teams. Transact, collaborate, and communicate effortlessly, ensuring a synchronized and efficient ecosystem. Elevate your Revenue Management strategy with SelectChRM, where every interaction translates into enhanced revenue, solidifying your position at the forefront of channel excellence.

Discover the power of effective distributor and channel management with Select*Channel Revenue Manager (SelectChRM)

This comprehensive solution transforms your channel processes, including Special Promotions, Point of Sales (POS), Claims Management, Supplier Ship and Debit/Credit (SSD/C), Inventory Visibility, Price Protection, Bill Back, Revenue Recognition, and COGS recognition. By integrating seamlessly with Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS), SelectChRM ensures real-time collaboration between your sales channels and internal teams.

Data Centralization

Select*ChRM centralizes data, offering a comprehensive view of all connected Salesforce organizations. It eliminates the need for additional tools, ensuring efficient and streamlined channel management. Say goodbye to fragmented data and welcome a centralized platform for improved decision-making.

360-Degree Visibility

Experience complete visibility into your distributors’ transactions and communications. Select*ChRM allows internal staff to access the same information, including sales, finance, revenue, service, and order desk. This 360-degree Visibility ensures synchronized actions and enhances collaboration across all teams.

Complete Integration with Oracle EBS

Select*ChRM seamlessly integrates with Oracle EBS Channel Revenue Management (ChRM) and other CRM systems. This robust solution offers world-class integration to Oracle EBS ERP, providing a secure role-based application for your entire channel management needs.

Effortless Interactions, Seamless Operations: Dive into the benefits of Select*ChRM!

Experience a paradigm shift in channel management. Benefit from streamlined operations, boosted revenue, and seamless interactions. Select*ChRM empowers your business, revolutionizing how you navigate and thrive in the dynamic business landscape.

Maximized Revenue and Loyalty

Optimize revenue potential and build strong distributor loyalty with Select*ChRM. The solution simplifies complex processes, making it easy for distributors to do business with your organization.

Seamless Business Interactions

Facilitate effortless business operations with Select*ChRM. From Point of Sale (POS) submissions to Claims, Inventory Visibility, Promotions Visibility, and Trade Reconciliation, the platform ensures smooth and seamless interactions.

Effortless Business Operations

Improve efficiency and effectiveness with Select*ChRM. The solution provides real-time information to distributors, enhances communication, and reduces customer service costs, ensuring quick turnaround in channel handling.

Real-time Data Empowerment

Empower your organization with real-time data on Revenue Reporting, Analytics, Distributor Behavior, Quote conversions, Incentives/Rebate calculators, and Pricing compliance. Select*ChRM ensures accurate, up-to-date information for informed decision-making.

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