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Embark on a Journey of Business Intelligence with Selectiva: Shaping the Future for Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape, Selectiva stands as a beacon of technological expertise, empowering startups, SMEs, and enterprises alike to navigate the complexities of the digital world and achieve their full potential. At Selectiva, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their full potential by designing and developing sustainable business models that thrive on efficiency, resilience, and adaptability. Our relentless focus on compelling customer experience drives us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to migrate legacy products to the cloud, leverage creative data-driven insights, or enhance your cybersecurity posture, Selectiva has the expertise and experience to guide you through every digital transformation journey. Explore our services.

Empowering industries through Selectiva's strategic technology applications

We help increase productivity and lower costs by revolutionizing your business landscape with our industry-focused solutions, driving operational excellence, and pioneering transformative growth across diverse industries.

Public Sector

Optimize government operations with Selectiva's strategic technology applications, fostering efficiency and transparency for better citizen services and informed decision-making in the public sector.


Transform education with Selectiva's solutions, promoting innovative learning experiences. Our applications drive academic excellence, streamline administrative tasks, and enhance educational efficiency.

Health Care

Revolutionize healthcare operations with our advanced technology solutions. From patient care to administrative processes, our applications ensure streamlined operations, enhanced to optimized patient experience, and improved healthcare productivity.


Increase manufacturing efficiency with our technology, optimize to advanced supply chain. Streamline production processes, optimize supply chain management, and foster innovation to drive growth and competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.


Enhance guest experiences and operational efficiency in the hospitality sector with Selectiva's technology applications. Streamline reservations, optimize service delivery, and elevate overall customer satisfaction.

Financial Services

Transform financial operations with our technology solutions. Strengthen security, streamline transactions, and elevate customer experiences to drive growth and success in the dynamic financial services industry.

Showcasing our prestigious clientele!

Guiding a leading Solar Company to Salesforce Victory with Tailored Solutions

Addressing intricate data migration and lead/case assignment challenges, one of the leading solar companies turned to Selectiva's Salesforce proficiency. We facilitated a secure and efficient transition, synergizing processes for their sales and customer support units. This triumph illustrates Selectiva's commitment to customizing solutions for superior effectiveness and building enduring trust with our valued clients.

Leading IT solutions provider bolsters Quote-to-cash process with Salesforce expertise from Selectiva

Selectiva catalyzed a new level of sales agility for a leading IT solutions provider by overhauling their quote-to-cash operations with a tailor-made CPQ solution, along with Blujay compliance and Avalara taxation integrations. Our seamless integration with their existing legacy SaaS portal further optimized the workflow. The provider's sales and resale teams now function with extraordinary speed and efficiency, all credit to our dynamic, no-code solutions.

Silicon Valley-based renowned University elevates facility oversight with Salesforce-Powered Command Center by Selectiva.

A university required a robust system to oversee its extensive campus facilities and chose Selectiva for its Salesforce proficiency. We developed a bespoke solution that gave system administrators comprehensive control over facilities management and communication services applications, encompassing interaction, project, and service management. The capability for immediate access to real-time data and streamlined report generation facilitates informed decision-making and operational optimization for the University's facility management teams.

Selectiva: A trusted partner for Advanced CPQ and Quote Management for a leading semiconductor manufacturing company

Confronted with intricate quoting concerns, a prominent semiconductor design and manufacturing firm collaborated with Selectiva for a transformative Salesforce solution. We provided a robust CPQ engine catering to their internal and external sales, streamlined the approval system, and enabled seamless bulk uploads. This integrated solution empowers the firm to expedite quote generation, enhance collaboration, and optimize the quote-to-close cycle.

Leading Food and Beverage Insulated Container Manufacturer amplifies Project Management with streamlined JIRA expertise.

Selectiva enabled one of the leading food and beverage container manufacturers to unlock the full potential of JIRA through optimal configuration for project initiation, board creation, issue management, and field customization. Our emphasis on efficient task tracking, seamless collaboration and effortless integration of lead generation with Salesforce empowers this industry leader to manage projects, track progress, and generate leads like never before.