Unlock innovation’s potential: Secure & manage your IP with Selectiva

Your ideas are your currency, and at Selectiva, we understand their value. That’s why we offer Select*IP (SIP), your all-in-one solution for managing and protecting your intellectual property (IP) – the foundation of your innovation and competitive edge.
Forget the complex legalese and fragmented systems. SIP empowers you to navigate the IP world confidently, from securing copyrights and trademarks to managing royalties and navigating legal agreements. Imagine a system that seamlessly calculates intricate royalty structures, tracks diverse IP owners, and even integrates with your existing ERP for automated payments. That’s the power of SIP – simplifying complexity and unlocking the full potential of your intellectual assets.
With SIP, you’ll be free to focus on what you do best: creating, innovating, and thriving. We’ll handle the rest, safeguarding your ideas and their maximizing values. So, unleash your creativity, knowing your IP is in good hands. Choose SIP and watch your innovation take flight.

Unlock the vault: Secure your ideas & unleash innovation with Select*IP

Embark on a transformative path where innovation meets protection. Selectiva introduces Select*IP, a comprehensive IP management solution crafted to safeguard and optimize the value of your intellectual assets. Unleash the power to protect, innovate, and capitalize on your intelligent investments with Select*IP.

Royalty/Intellectual property management solution

Select*IP is a comprehensive solution for licensors and licensees, providing visibility and actionability across finance, legal, and marketing teams. It caters to Cloud and Enterprise environments, offering secure role-based applications with seamless integration to Oracle EBS, Salesforce.com, and other CRM/financial systems. The intuitive user interface facilitates critical tasks like monthly, quarterly, and annual licensee payments. It ensures complete security, compliance with legal and contractual obligations, and user mobile access.

Solution for Cloud and Enterprise environments

Select*IP is designed to cater to both Cloud and Enterprise environments, providing a user-friendly experience with its web-based interface. It creates projects that connect with the Salesforce interface, eliminating the need for additional tools. Select*IP offers a comprehensive view of all connected Salesforce organizations, allowing easy management and navigation between scratch and non-scratch organizations.

Full visibility of the license

Select*IP provides complete visibility of licensor and licensee relationships for all teams, including sales, finance, revenue, marketing, and legal. The robust solution integrates with world-class solutions like X-Author for Excel from Apttus, Salesforce.com, and Oracle EBS ERP. Its one-click calculation feature ensures payment accuracy, while the ability to manage retrospective adjustments guarantees compliance with all legal contractual obligations.

Discover the unmatched benefits of Select*IP

In the dynamic business arena, innovation fuels success, agility empowers growth, and Select*IP is your key to a strategic advantage. Unlock unparalleled IP protection, seamless management, effortless setups, and substantial time and cost savings, propelling your organization to new heights of success.

IP Protection

Ensure compliance with all IP-related legal obligations, making it easy for finance teams to estimate licensee or licensor obligations accurately.

IP Management

Provide data for regular audits from vendor auditors effortlessly, with one-click calculations ensuring all rules are enabled for vendor payments.

Easy Setups

The rule-based engine facilitates easy setups for new vendors, while easy reporting ensures accessibility to reports and raw data for further analysis.

Time and Cost Savings

Significant improvement in IP-related business processes ensures compliance with all legal contracts and agreements, saving considerable time and cost.

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