Streamline your Revenue lifecycle and boost profitability with Selectiva's Revenue Cloud Services

We seamlessly integrate sales and finance operations, enabling cross-channel revenue growth and a holistic view of your business. Our team simplifies the acquiring and vending process, accelerates new revenue streams, and optimizes revenue management. With expertise in CPQ, billing, and quote-to-cash solutions, we improvise your prospect-to-revenue journey from initial engagement to final payment. By leveraging Salesforce tools like Sales and Service Cloud, we ensure streamlined sales activities, superior customer service, and a unified customer experience. Experience innovative solutions and pricing structures effortlessly with Salesforce Revenue Cloud, maximizing profits while delighting your customers.

Transform your business with Salesforce Revenue Cloud benefits

Salesforce Revenue Cloud opens the door to a world of benefits for your business. Seamlessly combine various sales channels, providing comprehensive customer insights. Enhance billing models with Revenue Cloud, creating multiple revenue streams through improved upsell capabilities. Leverage automation that streamlines sales order validation and invoice consolidation, reducing manual efforts and minimizing revenue leakage. The new Customer Asset Lifecycle Management tool offers a visual dashboard for tracking key performance indicators and customer purchase history, ensuring business success at every turn.

Accelerate Revenue

Empower your business with combined sales channels and customizable pricing. Utilize unique workflows for tailored monetization strategies, enhancing revenue streams and driving growth.


Streamline operations with automated validation of sales orders and consolidated invoices. Leverage the power of technology to reduce manual effort and prevent revenue leakage efficiently.

Delightful Customer Experiences

Enhance customer interactions with comprehensive views of purchasing history and seamless shopping experiences. Implement innovative tools for real-time tracking and a better understanding of customer behavior.

Maximize ROI

Optimize revenue generation by incorporating CPQ-B2B Commerce connectors. Leverage Multi-Cloud Billing for upsell capabilities and maximize return on investment. Realize revenue potential with more intelligent, automated solutions.

Transform your Revenue life-cycle with Selectiva’s Salesforce Revenue Cloud Solutions

At Selectiva, we empower businesses with seamless automation using Salesforce Revenue Cloud Billing. Our solutions integrate sales and finance effortlessly, ensuring error-free financial processes. Empower your sales teams with CPQ guided selling, customizing product groups, generating quotes, and automating renewals. Experience hassle-free revenue management with Selectiva’s expertise and cutting-edge Salesforce solutions.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Unified Billing

Experience automated invoicing and payments with Salesforce Revenue Cloud Billing. Integrate sales and finance effortlessly, utilizing AI-powered insights to monitor accounts and enhance client retention. Accelerate deal closures and improve revenue management metrics, ensuring efficient and error-free financial processes.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Configure Price Quote

Empower your sales teams and vendors with Salesforce CPQ guided selling. Customize product groups, generate customized quotes, and automate renewals and contract amendments. Utilize usage-based pricing and flexible product configurations to enhance your sales strategies, ensuring tailored and efficient transactions.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Easy Subscription

Implement flexible omnichannel buying solutions with Salesforce Revenue Cloud Subscription Management. Enable self-service channels for buyers, allowing them to seamlessly renew, amend, or purchase existing orders. Reduce cost-to-serve while improving upselling opportunities. Streamline your subscription processes and boost customer satisfaction, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your clients.