Zero bugs, maximum impact: Launch confidently with Selectiva's expert Manual Testing

Ensure seamless applications with Selectiva’s Manual Testing QA Services. Our dedicated QA engineers specialize in real-world manual testing of functionalities and UI/UX. At Selectiva, we guarantee the launch of bug-free applications, enhancing your development process. As end-users, we meticulously verify your application’s behavior, interface intuitiveness, and overall quality. Leveraging industry best practices, we spot even the most minor bugs and functional issues, providing a detailed test plan and roadmap for long-term success. Trust us for top-notch manual QA testing services, where expertise meets thorough testing methodologies for flawless application functionality and appearance.

Ensure your software’s ultimate user experience and seamless operation with Manual Software Testing Services

Functional Testing

Deliver an exceptional software experience by ensuring each feature works as intended. Our meticulous testing process identifies functional errors and provides detailed bug reports, recommendations, and risk assessments. This holistic approach enhances your product’s performance, making it more reliable and user-friendly.

Regression Testing

Protect your initial code from disruptions during updates or feature implementations. Our regression testing services visualize potential risks associated with modifications, providing a cost-effective and time-efficient approach to maintaining a stable and resilient software foundation. This strategic testing minimizes the likelihood of unforeseen issues down the development pipeline.

UX / Usability Testing

Elevate user engagement through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Our manual software testing services go beyond traditional testing methods, employing the A/B method to analyze programs thoroughly. By understanding specific user needs and market dynamics, we contribute to the rapid growth of your business with reliable and robust design solutions.

Compatibility Testing

Ensure your application’s responsiveness across diverse computing environments. Our manual testing service engineers precisely identify fragile points in your product and guarantee its functionality and positive user experience across various operating systems, browsers, databases, servers, and hardware types. This comprehensive testing approach enhances your product’s adaptability and reliability.

Configuration Testing

Optimize your system’s configuration changes with our expert testing. We identify potential outcomes from non-standard operations, ensuring your code functions correctly under these modifications. Our focus is on enhancing overall configuration processes efficiently, contributing to a smoother development and deployment cycle.