Transforming businesses with faster & secure Cloud Migration

Embark on a strategic journey towards digital transformation with Selectiva’s Cloud Migration services. Our meticulous approach involves the 6-R strategy—Re-Host, Re-Architecture/Re-Factor, Re-Platform, Re-Purchase, Retain, and Retire. This technical methodology facilitates the seamless migration of business-critical workloads, ensuring operational efficiency, legacy portfolio modernization, and accelerated development cycles. Trust Selectiva for a low-cost, technically proficient path to the Cloud environment, empowering enterprises to navigate the complexities of Cloud migration with precision and expertise.

Choose Selectiva for unparalleled Cloud Migration benefits and expertise


Streamline your budget by eliminating expenses on physical infrastructure. Selectiva’s Cloud Migration services free you from the burden of maintaining on-premise data centers, reducing costs, and optimizing organizational space.

Accelerated Deployment

Propel your application deployment with Selectiva’s Cloud Migration solutions. Our expertise in DevOps practices ensures swift and efficient application deployment, enhancing overall operational agility.

Enhanced Security Measures

Safeguard your organization with Selectiva’s Cloud Consulting services. We deploy automatic security updates, fortifying your systems against vulnerabilities and ensuring enhanced security features.

Effective Backup and Recovery

Address outage concerns with our Cloud Migration Consulting services. Selectiva employs efficient backup and disaster recovery techniques, ensuring uninterrupted data availability despite natural calamities or accidents.

Flexibility and Scalability

Tailor your computing environment with Selectiva’s Cloud Migration services. Choose the right operating system, programming language, and web application platform to meet your needs. Our virtual environment facilitates a flexible and scalable migration process, adapting to changing customer demands.

Level-up your infrastructure: Selectiva’s tailored Cloud Migration solutions

Selectiva specializes in advanced cloud migration services, seamlessly guiding organizations through intricate processes. Our technical expertise ensures a smooth transition from On-Premises to Cloud Migration, leveraging meticulous planning and execution. With cloud-to-cloud migration, we facilitate efficient data transfer and synchronization between disparate cloud platforms, optimizing performance. Our hybrid cloud migration service blends On-Premises and public cloud environments, offering flexibility and scalability. Selectiva’s commitment to technical precision empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of cloud solutions, ensuring security, efficiency, and streamlined operations.

On-Premises to Cloud Migration

Get on a technical evolution with Selectiva’s On-Premises to Cloud Migration services. Our experts ensure a seamless transition from physically located solutions to the cloud, empowering organizations to relinquish hardware upkeep responsibilities while maintaining complete control over security and data access.

Cloud to Cloud Migration

Experience the pinnacle of technical sophistication with Selectiva’s cloud-to-cloud migration services. We facilitate a smooth transfer of data and applications between off-site cloud systems, eliminating the need for physical server maintenance. Enjoy seamless updates, enhanced security, and optimal performance delivered by our expert team.

Hybrid Cloud Migration Service

Dive into technological flexibility with Selectiva’s hybrid cloud migration services. We empower organizations to balance workloads between On-Premises private clouds and public cloud services, ensuring optimal capacity utilization and cost-effectiveness. Our expertise enables the seamless integration of private and public clouds, allowing workloads to shift dynamically based on changing needs.