Discover Selectmeta: Your ultimate VSCode Ally for streamlined Salesforce Metadata Retrieval

Enter a new era of Salesforce development efficiency with Selectmeta, your go-to VSCode extension for effortlessly retrieving metadata. Selectmeta seamlessly connects developers to Salesforce orgs, simplifying the intricate processes without leaving the IDE. Nestled in Visual Studio Code, this visual tool is a critical player in Salesforce development, advancing its lifecycle with an unmatched user interface that supports your development workflow.

No more juggling tools! Selectmeta creates projects effortlessly, connecting directly with the Salesforce interface and eliminating the need for additional tools like package.xml. Manage your Salesforce ecosystem effortlessly—generate passwords for scratch Salesforce organizations, view all connected organizations, and set the default SFDX org.

This organizational powerhouse excels at building package.xml, picking metadata components, supporting DX source & metadata formats, and retrieving metadata in DX Source and MDAPI formats—a remarkable addition to your SFDX toolkit. Streamline your development journey with Selectmeta’s intuitive features and elevate your Salesforce experience.

Streamline your success: Selectmeta unleashes effortless Salesforce Metadata mastery

Embark on a simplified Salesforce journey with Selectmeta, the VSCode extension meticulously crafted to streamline metadata retrieval. Witness the evolution of Salesforce development as Selectiva introduces Selectmeta—an empowering solution designed to revolutionize the entire development lifecycle. We understand the intricate nature of managing Salesforce environments, and that’s why Selectmeta emerges as your go-to tool, providing developers with an intuitive and efficient solution. Say goodbye to complexities and embrace a seamless experience that elevates your Salesforce game. Welcome to the future of development.


Powerful Solution

Selectmeta is a powerful solution- seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce development workflow. Its robust features enhance the developer experience, providing efficient tools to retrieve and manage Salesforce metadata effortlessly.

Web-based user interface

Enjoy a user-friendly experience with Selectmeta’s web-based user interface. It supports the development workflow, creating projects that connect with the Salesforce interface without additional tools like package.xml.

View all connected Salesforce Organizations

Selectmeta offers a comprehensive view of all connected Salesforce organizations, making it easy for developers to manage and navigate between scratch and non-scratch organizations. Set default SFDX org effortlessly for a smoother development process.

Maximize your potential: SelectMeta’s game-changing benefits for Salesforce Metadata mastery

In the fast-paced business realm, innovation is your compass, agility is your strength, and advanced tools are your key to staying ahead. Introducing SelectMeta—a powerhouse offering unparalleled benefits. Revolutionize your organization with efficient data retrieval, simplified SFDX organization management, secure password generation, and a boost in productivity. SelectMeta is not just a tool; it’s your strategic advantage in reshaping and propelling your business forward in the dynamic and competitive landscape. Embrace the future of Salesforce metadata retrieval with SelectMeta and supercharge your organizational prowess.

Retrieve Data

Extract Salesforce metadata effortlessly within VSCode, amplifying development efficiency. Streamline workflows by managing SFDX organizations seamlessly, enhancing productivity, and securing data with password generation for Scratch Salesforce organizations.

Improved Productivity

Navigate connected Salesforce organizations effortlessly, saving time and boosting productivity. SelectMeta’s user-friendly interface ensures efficiency, making it a valuable addition to SFDX tools.

Password Generation

Enhance data protection with SelectMeta’s secure password generation for Scratch Salesforce organizations. Simplify Salesforce management, retrieving metadata in DX Source and Metadata formats without switching tools.

Effortless Metadata Retrieval

SelectMeta, a key player in Salesforce development, simplifies the process. With a user-centric interface and robust features, it ensures streamlined workflows and efficient metadata retrieval in DX Source and MDAPI formats.

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