Simplify. Streamline. Conquer.
Adminified makes Salesforce a breeze

Imagine managing multiple Salesforce apps and sandboxes from one gorgeous interface. That’s Adminified. There is no more context-switching chaos, just streamlined control. Resolve cases faster, boost productivity 4x, and finally enjoy being an admin again. Whether a rookie or a seasoned pro, Adminified empowers you to conquer your Salesforce like a true master.

Streamline your Salesforce Workflow with Adminified’s centralized power

No more context-switching madness or duplicate data headaches. Adminified brings order to your Salesforce chaos. Its intuitive interface, built with Lightning’s speed and flexibility, lets you manage all your instances, objects, and fields from a single command centre. Efficient data and metadata comparison across environments empower you to identify discrepancies, troubleshoot issues, and ensure consistency with lightning speed. With Adminified, you’ll finally have the tools and control to master your Salesforce domain and elevate your admin game to the next level.

Intuitive Lightning Interface

Adminified boasts an intuitive Lightning interface, enhancing user adoption by providing a user-friendly platform for even the most complex administrative tasks. Experience streamlined navigation and simplified interactions with our user-centric design.

Connect to Multiple Instances

With Adminified, gain centralized access to various sandbox, pre-prod, and production instances. Seamlessly switch between environments, allowing admins to manage multiple instances efficiently and effortlessly from a single Lightning-enabled (SFDC) instance.

Compare Data and Metadata

Adminified offers the ability to drill down into user records, objects, and fields across instances for quick and efficient comparison of data and metadata. Simplify decision-making and troubleshooting with a comprehensive view of your Salesforce ecosystem.

Ditch the Admin headaches, embrace efficiency with Adminified

Adminified isn’t just another tool, it’s an efficiency revolution. Imagine managing all your sandboxes and production instances from one central hub, with data and metadata comparisons that make discrepancies disappear. That’s the power of Adminified! Its native integration into Salesforce means seamless workflows and lightning-fast performance.


Unleash seamless operations with Adminified’s native Salesforce integration, designed to work effortlessly within your SFDC environment. Experience a lightning-fast interface that makes even the most complex admin tasks a breeze.


Rest assured that your data is always protected with Adminified’s robust security measures. OAuth authentication safeguards sensitive information, ensuring it stays securely within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Editing Data

Identify and fix data discrepancies in a flash right from the comparison screen. Adminified eliminates the need to toggle between multiple SFDC instances, saving you valuable time and effort.

Permission Set Management

Streamline user management and access control by assigning permission sets to groups of users in one swift action. Empower your team with the proper permissions efficiently and effectively.

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