Efficiency in Action: Delivering success

At Selectiva, our core principle is simple yet powerful: Getting Things Done! We adeptly navigate challenges of any complexity, ensuring the identification and implementation of optimal solutions within set timeframes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to significantly enhance your business using intelligent implementation services, sparking notable growth in sales and returns. With our experienced team, we specialize in connecting with a broader audience through various effective channels. We excel in smoothly managing your operations, ensuring a seamless integration that significantly boosts performance, fostering steady and robust company growth. Count on us to simplify and improve your business journey with our reliable and proficient solutions.

Our Vision

Selectiva envisions a future where work transcends industry norms to become a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Imagine a workplace where progressive leadership meets empathetic guidance, fostering a vibrant culture of collaboration. Here, colleagues aren’t just coworkers; they’re trusted allies on a shared journey toward shared success. We empower every individual to unleash their full potential, fostering a space where excellence isn’t just a goal, it’s an experience.

A Glance at Our Journey


Pioneering Beginnings

Our journey began in 1999 in the Bay Area, CA, with a vision to innovate. Selectiva emerged as a trailblazer in the industry by establishing a foundation rooted in ambition. We laid the groundwork for a legacy of technological advancement and client-centric solutions.


Growth, Expansion, and Salesforce Introduction

We introduced the Salesforce Ecosystem, solidifying partnerships and enhancing our service portfolio. With a customer-focused approach, we became a trusted ally in the tech landscape, growing alongside clients and adapting to their evolving needs. It marked a pivotal year, combining significant expansion with the introduction of cutting-edge Salesforce solutions.


Oracle Practices Transformation

In 2008, our Oracle practices marked a transformative phase for Selectiva. We delved into comprehensive Oracle solutions, harnessing their power to elevate our technological capabilities. This strategic move allowed us to stay ahead in the dynamic industry, providing clients with innovative and efficient solutions grounded in Oracle’s robust practices.


Data Cloud Revolution

2012 Selectiva embarked on a groundbreaking journey by establishing data cloud services. This strategic move positioned us at the forefront of innovation, enabling seamless integration and data utilization. The introduction of Data Cloud services marked a pivotal moment, shaping a more connected and technologically advanced future.


Global Footprint Widens

In 2022, Selectiva embarked on an ambitious journey, expanding its operations to Dubai and the Middle East. This strategic move positions us to meet the rising technological demands of the region, fostering new partnerships, and bringing cutting-edge solutions to a broader international audience.

Initiate a Partnership with Us

Discover collaboration opportunities with Seletiva. Whether you're a freelance professional, a potential business partner, or someone with unique ideas, your interest is valued. Your initiative is the key to unlocking the door to possible collaborations with Seletiva, where innovative ideas and mutual success converge. Join us in exploring ways to work together, shaping a future filled with fruitful partnerships and shared achievements.