Accelerate Success: Your 6-Week CPQ & CPQ Plus Implementation Journey with Selectiva Systems

August 25, 2023
CPQ & CPQ Plus Implementation_Image.

Are you eager to revolutionize your sales operations and drive success through efficient, streamlined processes? With CPQ and CPQ Plus, you can supercharge your sales team’s performance. Follow our 6-week implementation guide, meticulously crafted by Selectiva Systems, to embark on a transformative journey towards success. Let’s delve into the steps that will elevate your sales game!

Week 1 – Preparation & Planning

The first step to any successful project is thorough preparation and planning. During this crucial phase, we work closely with you to:

  • Define clear project objectives and scope, ensuring a focused and successful implementation.
  • Assemble an implementation team comprising vital organizational stakeholders to ensure comprehensive involvement and alignment.
  • Set realistic timelines and milestones, providing a clear roadmap for the journey ahead.

Week 2 – Data Gathering

Accurate data is the foundation of any successful CPQ implementation. We meticulously gather essential data, including:

  • Product catalogs and pricing details, ensuring seamless integration into your new CPQ solution.
  • Necessary information to prepare your Salesforce environment for smooth configuration.

Week 3 – Configuration & Customization

The heart of the installation process lies in configuring CPQ and CPQ Plus to meet your unique business needs. Our expert team ensures that the solutions are tailored perfectly for your requirements. This stage includes:

  • Expert customization by Selectiva Systems, leveraging our in-depth understanding of Salesforce and CPQ functionalities.

Week 4 – Testing & Validation

Rigorously testing the configured solution is vital to ensure accuracy and functionality. During this phase, we:

  • Conduct exhaustive testing to identify potential issues, promptly addressing and fine-tuning the setup for perfection.

Week 5 – User Training & Adoption

A successful CPQ implementation hinges on user adoption and confidence. We empower your team with comprehensive CPQ training, offering:

  • Expert guidance from Selectiva Systems to boost user adoption and ensure your team harnesses the full potential of CPQ and CPQ Plus.

Week 6 – Go-Live & Optimization

The final stage of the implementation journey culminates in the successful launch of CPQ and CPQ Plus into your sales operations. During this phase, we:

  • Monitor performance and gather valuable feedback from your team, making necessary adjustments for continuous success.
  • Offer continuous support and optimization to ensure your sales processes thrive in the long run.

Benefits of Selectiva’s 6-Week Installation

Selectiva Systems’ 6-Week CPQ & CPQ Plus Installation Guide offers a host of advantages, including:

  • Accelerated implementation for quick ROI, enabling you to reap the benefits of CPQ and CPQ Plus in record time.
  • Seamless integration into your existing Salesforce environment, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Streamlined sales processes and increased efficiency, empowering your sales team to work smarter and close deals faster.
  • Enhanced user experience and adoption with expert training from Selectiva Systems, fostering user confidence and maximizing productivity.
  • Continuous support and optimization for sustained growth, as our team remains committed to ensuring your success long after implementation.

Embark on your journey to success with Selectiva Systems and experience the transformative power of CPQ and CPQ Plus. Let’s accelerate your sales performance together!