Cost Effective Recruitment Strategies for a Startup

March 8, 2022
Cost Effective Recruitment Strategies for a Startup_Image.

Recruitment is always a priority task for any HR in the company. Big companies have a dedicated recruitment department. But in startups or small organizations, one or two member HR teams manage recruitment themselves along with their additional HR tasks. The company always wants to make every new hire and onboarding cost-effective, but do you know what smart steps can help you to deliver the same?

If you are a startup or a small organization and you don’t want to spend too much money on recruitment services, any paid portals or paid promotions, these cost effective recruitment strategies can help you to manage your recruitment efficiently. We suggest the following core strategies for a successful hiring campaign:

  • Create a “Brand Awareness”
  • Identify internal resources – Internal Promotion
  • Be Proactive
  • Effective Internship program
  • Seek various sources

Let us explore these above strategies a bit more.

Brand Awareness | Do They Know You?

The very first thing you need to do is making your “brand” visible to all. People will know you if they know what you do? What things you are doing in your organization besides work? If what you do is interesting, potential new hires will be interested in interacting with you. You should always ensure, that you are promoting all that you do on popular social media so that more and more people get to know “You” every day and in every way. 

Doing good things in your company is not enough you should share it smartly on various social media channels (here we don’t mean to put EVERYTHING on Social Media, use self-discretion or filtering criteria). It not only create brand awareness about your company but it also shows your current employees in a good light enjoying their work and team mates. It encourages team work in your workplace and soon will encourage others to adopt good practices in their respective organizations too.

Internal Promotion is the Key

If you have good employee benefit policies like leave benefits, health insurance, rewards and recognition schemes, flexible working hours, and a good platform to grow as individuals within the organization you are doing good at internal Promotions. Our employees are the key to success whether it is about projects or branding of the company. When your people are happy they will promote you (word of mouth) to their friends and family with all their hearts. 

As a responsible organization, you should always make sure that you take care of your team. Even if it is about their health, their personal or family issues or any other important matters, you should always address their concern with full attention.

Being Active is All You Need

It is very important to be alert and active all the time. You should never leave a chance to get good leads. You should never skip any posts from other companies on LinkedIn that have similar skill sets required at your company too. You should review the comments and try to connect with interested candidates because they can be your potential leads.

Apart from that when you got some walk-ins please treat them as important as the other leads. Because you never know how any walk-in may turn into a super awesome employee.

Effective Internship Program

An internship program can surely help you to get good candidates. Don’t look out for perfect employee when you can build talent within your organization. Pick up some fresh talent and train them well. It will not only help you but it will also help them to get a good opportunity to get valuable experience and learn how software industry operates at the same time.

You should understand the importance of the Internship program at this time. The main motive of your internship program should be to provide practical knowledge and improve the skills of the students. You can also consider candidates who are looking to change their careers from some other industry and learn technology thus are suitable candidates who are looking to restart their careers in a new field.

Seek various  Sources

Campus recruitment drives are an effective way to attract and approach potential candidates. You can directly approach the candidates via Campus Drives. At these campus hiring drives, you can meet real talent and job seekers directly. And here you can get into touch with candidates with different skill sets that may be impossible in other hiring processes.

What you can do in Campus Drive differently is that instead of approaching colleges for the recruitment you can also approach some Skills Training Institutes. From the same source, you can find trained job seekers who can start working with minimal on the job training. 
One additional source, specifically in the software industry is hosting hackathon for students. A hackathon involves a fair level of effort on your company resources to frame a problem, invite students to join in, provide logistics of computers, networks and food, judge the contests and identify suitable winners. But it increases visibility of your company and opens access to a whole pool of talent that can be a constant source of resources to hire.

If you know the right way to drive your recruitment process you can save time and money. In future, when you frame your strategy make sure you are considering all these aspects. Make a good hiring plan, increase visibility of your company, do a great campaign and remember to be alert and attentive to your hiring environment for ultimate success. 

We hope these Cost-Effective Strategy will help you as it has helped us grow our teams effectively.