How branding plays an important role In recruitment strategy

April 5, 2022
How branding plays an important role In recruitment strategy_Image

Branding is important for any business. It helps you in getting a good customer base and more business. But do you know emphasizing on your branding strategy can also help you to get excellent human resources too?

In this blog we’ll let you know the importance of branding in recruitment and what branding strategy you should adopt to achieve your target resources.

When we are talking about Recruitment our branding strategy will be divided into two parts. One is Employer Branding and the other is Recruitment Branding.

Employer Branding:

Employer Branding refers to the internal branding of the company. How your existing employees and candidates appearing in interviews are perceiving your company internally? Before starting Recruitment Branding we must strengthen Internal Branding.  

Here are some significances of the Employer Branding:

  1. It helps in engaging passive candidates.
  2. It influences the attraction and retention of employees.
  3. It helps in generating more referrals from employees.
  4. It controls your organization’s public image and perception (reputation).

To create suitable Employer Brand you can do some simple things, namely

  1. Define your company’s vision and mission, 
  2. Communicate and live your core values to your employees, 
  3. Do some internal survey for feedback about company perception with employees,
  4. Create a strong candidate experience, and 
  5. Always maintain your core set of values.

These activities help you to create a satisfactory environment among your employees. They feel secure and satisfied with their job

When you are done with the Internal branding you should jump on the external branding that is Recruitment Branding.

Recruitment Branding:

Recruitment Branding is a term of promoting your company externally for recruitment purposes. This strategy aims to attract potential candidates for recruitment.

In this era of competition, we must stand strong with a powerful promotional strategy. 

These days every company is offering fascinating privileges to candidates and attracting them without wasting any time. We should have a strong plan to attract potential candidates.

Here are a few steps that must be part of your strategy to make a long-lasting impact on your potential leads:

Company Profile Is Must

Every candidate looks for the Company profile on trusted portals for feedback. If you have updated your company profiles to some trusted portals like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, it can help you to get the attention of the candidates you are looking to hire. You can also update your profile on Google and get some reviews.

Social presence is really important these days. So, if you have not done it so far, go ahead and create the profiles of your company on various professional social media platforms and provide updates of your company on a very regular basis. 

Use Social Media Wisely

Social Media is the best and fastest platform to connect with people around. You can use social platforms to showcase how you celebrate the success of your employees, their work anniversary, how you focus on their training session, and the other events of the company. Just choose two or three best channels where you target potential talent and be consistent in posting relevant content on social media. 

Importance of Career Page

Create a Career page of your company and post engaging Job Description (JD) there. Timely updates of your career page is important and you can also mention upcoming positions and new openings. Make sure you post complete and updated JDs on your career page. You can design the contact form or you can directly provide the HR email Id for contact.

Events to Grab the Attention

Hosting events can be a great idea to attract talents. You can organize any competitions, hackathons, seminar, webinars, or knowledge sharing sessions for young talents. You can also sponsor any local or college event to get attention of talent you need. Whenever you plan for this, make sure your event fulfills your requirement for excellent talent. 

Blogs are Creative Way

Providing useful content to the readers may help you to get attention from young talents. It also creates positivity within your organization by sharing the experiences of your employees in the form of blogs. It provides an opportunity for them to showcase their learning to the world. Another aspect of this is, talent also gets charmed by your blogs where they can display their talents. They feel that the company values the thoughts, opinions and ideas of employees. 

Now you must have the clarity of the branding strategy to be followed in your company and how you can use it appropriately to generate the quality leads. Make sure you focus evenly on Employer Branding and Recruitment Branding.

You can explore these strategies and add some new creativity to it and make it more effective for your organization. Happy Recruiting.