Strengthening Cybersecurity with Selectiva Services: Unveiling the Power of Protective DNS

December 11, 2023
Strengthening Cybersecurity with Selectiva Services: Unveiling the Power of Protective DNS_Image.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, organizations need robust solutions that provide comprehensive protection. Enter Selectiva Services, a cutting-edge threat intelligence company that specializes in leveraging the Domain Name System (DNS) as the first line of defense. Their flagship offering, Protective DNS, is a formidable shield against many internet threats, from phishing and ransomware to malware and botnets.

DNS as Your First Line of Defense

Domain names, the internet’s heart, are increasingly exploited by malicious actors for various cybercrimes. Selectiva Services recognizes this vulnerability and positions DNS as the pulse of internet activity. With Protective DNS, security teams gain a powerful tool to thwart threats before they even reach the doorstep.

Defense in Depth

Protective DNS operates on the principle of defense in depth, seamlessly complementing existing security infrastructure. By focusing on DNS, organizations can fortify their security strategy and create multiple layers of protection. This proactive approach is instrumental in preventing many cyber threats, such as ransomware, phishing attacks, and Command and control (C2C) activities.

Visibility into DNS Traffic

One of the key advantages of Protective DNS is the enhanced visibility it provides in DNS traffic. This capability strengthens an organization’s security posture and ensures compliance with CERT-In mandates on logging. Detailed insights into DNS activities empower security teams to analyze, monitor, and respond to potential threats swiftly and effectively.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Selectiva Services distinguishes itself through its Threat Intelligence Feeds, a comprehensive arsenal of threat data that empowers security companies and organizations. These feeds play a pivotal role in uncovering badness on the internet. Here’s a glimpse of what the feeds cover:

Newly Registered Domains (NRD)

Identifies domain names registered within the last week or month with zero reputation.


Flag domain names are associated with Command and control activities, providing early detection of potential threats.


Identifies domain name hosting scripts related to crypto-jacking, safeguarding against cryptocurrency mining attacks.


Recognizes domain names hosting phishing websites, preventing users from falling victim to deceptive online tactics.


Detects domain names hosting malware as a crucial defense against malicious software.

Domain Generation Algorithms (DGA)

Pinpoints dynamically generated domain names associated with malware, enhancing the ability to identify and counteract evolving threats.

Our Mission: Uncover Badness

Selectiva Services’ mission revolves around uncovering and mitigating cyber threats. With deep expertise in DNS and internet protocols, including Autonomous Systems, they provide actionable threat intelligence reports that have significantly contributed to the attribution of adversaries.

In conclusion, Protective DNS by Selectiva Services is a game-changer in cybersecurity. By harnessing the power of DNS as the first line of defense and offering comprehensive threat intelligence feeds, they empower organizations to proactively safeguard their digital assets against the ever-growing landscape of cyber threats. In a world where cyber resilience is non-negotiable, Selectiva Services emerges as a beacon of security, helping businesses stay one step ahead of malicious actors.