Testing on the Fast Track: How Selectiva’s Automated Testing Accelerates Time to Market and Drives Success?

May 10, 2024
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The Need for Speed in Software Delivery

Today’s software market moves at an increasingly rapid pace. Customer expectations and business demands require continuously delivering innovation and improvements, and lengthy development and testing cycles simply can’t keep up. 

The rise of agile and DevOps highlights the importance of speed. Frequent iterations and incremental changes are now the norm, and there’s pressure to deploy updates as fast as possible without sacrificing quality.

Manual testing struggles to meet these accelerated release cycles. Test suites executed by hand are tedious, slow, and error-prone. Testing becomes a constraint and bottleneck that holds back deployment. 

Automated testing solutions provide the speed and efficiency needed in modern delivery pipelines. Tests can execute around the clock on every code change. Automation unlocks the potential for continuous integration and delivery. Software teams can ship updates and new features faster than ever before.

By removing the testing bottleneck, automation paves the way for rapid iteration. Companies can accelerate time to market and quickly respond to emerging needs. The name of the game is delivering innovation faster.

Automated Testing Accelerates Release Cycles

Software teams are under constant pressure to deliver new features and updates faster than ever before. Manual testing processes can become a significant bottleneck that slows down release cycles. Before going live, every new build and deployment must be thoroughly tested across the entire system. As software grows in size and complexity, relying solely on manual testing is no longer feasible. 

Automated testing provides the speed and efficiency to meet today’s rapid delivery expectations. Tests can run on demand without human intervention, enabling earlier and more frequent testing throughout development. Automation frees the QA team from repetitive manual tasks so they can focus on higher-value exploratory testing. 

With automated testing accelerating test execution, software teams can release higher-quality updates on shorter cycles. New code can be merged continuously, and bugs can be caught early. 

Automated Testing Improves Test Coverage

Automated testing enables far more comprehensive test coverage than manual testing alone. Test suites with thousands or even millions of test cases can be run repeatedly without burdening human testers. This allows for more rigorous edge and boundary testing that would be unrealistic to perform manually.  

Automated testing can run the same tests quickly and reliably after every code change to detect regressions. It makes it easy to cover a wide variety of use cases, including positive, negative, and edge scenarios. Robust test data sets and randomized data can be used to simulate real-world usage and uncover defects.

Automated Testing Enables Continuous Testing

Automated testing is a key enabler of continuous testing and integration, which involves testing every code commit or build. This catches defects immediately rather than waiting until later stages. Having fast and frequent feedback loops is essential for DevOps culture and modern software practices. 

With automated tests, developers can run regressions on demand to check that new code changes do not break existing functionality. Tests can be executed on a continuous integration server whenever code is merged. Issues are flagged quickly before they snowball.

Automated Testing Reduces Costs

Automated testing provides significant cost savings compared to traditional manual testing methods. Automated testing frees up tester time and effort by reducing the amount of repetitive manual work needed. Studies show that test automation typically reduces the effort associated with regression testing by 30-50%.

Automated tests can run continuously, allowing issues to be detected early in the development cycle. Finding and fixing defects earlier avoids compounding downstream costs and saves time and money. It’s exponentially cheaper to fix bugs closer to their point of injection. 

Automated Testing Increases Reliability

Automated testing dramatically improves the reliability of software releases by enabling rigorous, repeatable testing. Unlike manual testing, which can be inconsistent and prone to human error, automated tests execute the same steps every time. This prevents regressions where new code breaks existing functionality that was previously working. Comprehensive automated test suites with high coverage across all areas of an application catch many more bugs and quality issues compared to sporadic manual testing. 

Selectiva’s Automated Testing Solutions

Selectiva offers a comprehensive suite of automated testing tools and frameworks to accelerate testing for web, mobile, API, and performance. Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into modern CI/CD pipelines, enabling continuous testing and rapid delivery of high-quality software.

With Selectiva, you can access various open-source test automation frameworks like Selenium, Appium, JMeter, and more. Our experts have optimized these frameworks for enterprise usage and provide managed cloud infrastructure to execute tests faster. We handle all the undifferentiated heavy lifting so your team can focus on writing great test scripts.

Get Started Testing Smarter Today

With Selectiva’s suite of automated testing solutions, you can accelerate time to market and drive success for your software applications. Our professional services team is ready to partner with you to implement automated testing and achieve your goals.

Getting started is easy. We’ll work with you to:

– Assess your current testing processes and environment

– Determine the right automated testing approach and tools 

– Develop automated test scripts tailored to your application  

– Integrate automated testing into your SDLC

– Train your team on maintaining and expanding test automation

Throughout the process, our automation testing experts will guide you to ensure you see maximum benefit. We offer flexible and customized engagements from quickstarts to complete management of your automated testing practice. 

Don’t wait to test smarter. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a custom quote for automated testing services. Our team is ready to accelerate your delivery cycles, improve quality, and drive success through intelligent test automation.