Boosting Industrial Maintenance with Salesforce Field Service Lightning

March 7, 2024

Client Background

Industry: Industrial Equipment Maintenance

The Challenge

The client handled slow, mistake-filled service dispatches, leading to rising costs and unhappy customers.

Our Aim

We aimed to streamline technician dispatch and scheduling, ensuring they received real-time updates and could collaborate on the go. We also wanted to provide essential equipment parts that were always on hand when needed.

What did we want to achieve?

  • Better scheduling accuracy
  • Improved tracking for equipment and inventory
  • Happier customers thanks to faster, more reliable service

How Selectiva stepped in?

We implemented Salesforce Field Service Lightning, ensuring that clients, technicians, and services were all in sync for top-notch service on-site.

Actions Taken


Actions Taken_Image.

  • Better Time Use: With more innovative scheduling, our techs cut down on travel time and spent more time fixing issues.
  • Staying Connected: Our field team used mobile tools to stay in sync with their home base and get the information they needed when they needed it.
  • Order With Precision: Real-time updates meant we could accurately plan work orders.
  • Everything in Its Place: Knowing what inventory we had meant technicians arrived prepared, ready to do the job immediately.

The Impact

  • Administrators: They kept our systems running smoothly and our data accurate.
  • Agents: The scheduling wizards ensured customers and technicians matched perfectly.
  • Dispatchers: They made sure the right technician got to the right place right when they were needed.
  • Field Technicians: They were our front-line heroes, turning customer worries into smiles.

The Results


The Results_Image.

  • Tech productivity jumped by 20%.
  • We cut operating costs by 15%.
  • Customer satisfaction soared, with a 25% improvement.

Key Components

We created a harmonious service delivery system with Work Orders, Work Types, Skills, Service Territories, Service Resources, and Operating Hours.


By bringing in Salesforce Field Service Lightning, Selectiva Systems dramatically improved our client’s field service operations. It perfectly blended technology and operational skills, leading to higher productivity, lower costs, and happier customers.