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For over a decade, Selectiva has been espousing innovation for business software and solutions.

When you place customer needs as the focus of your efforts then being a small company removes some of the restrictions that larger companies strangle their employee’ innovation.

Recruiters at Selectiva are always searching for brilliant, team driven employees. Foundation for software development is innovation and dedication, with that being said, we expect employees to see Selectiva as a collegial environment that promotes collaborative learning of latest technologies and products.

Selectiva offers you challenging opportunities in an environment that recognizes and rewards exceptional performance. We seek experienced individuals capable of visualizing, designing and delivering technology products leveraging the latest technologies.

Team Players

A Team wins. Individuals may win small battles but they never win wars. This is true when we select employees. We always prefer an above average team player to a brilliant lone wolf. Selectiva maintains a collegial team environment and expects all employees to play a team game. As a team we win.

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Product development process demands extreme honesty with respect to customer needs, our technology readiness and to manage this with the risk that comes with developing new products for a tech savvy customer base.

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Integrity in action is the ability to call a spade, a spade. Selectiva aims to attract employees with deep and abiding integrity to ensure they are true to their work, true to the ideals of the company and true to product development

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Intellectual Curiosity

Why is Big Data relevant? why is Ajax easier to use? Why does Channel Revenue for distributors get deferred? Why does Point of Sale data come in ‘dirty’? If trying to answer these questions both from a technical and business process excite you, then Selectiva is the right place for your skills.

We value intellectual curiosity and ability to ask relevant questions and seek answers for the same from your peers or from experimentation. We encourage experimentation and discovery without worrying about failure.

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Working on tough product timelines brings its own level of stress. We need people who are relaxed under pressure. There will always be times when you have to go above-and-beyond to meet product release deadlines or meet customer deadlines. We expect Selectiva employees to be relaxed under pressure.

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Selectiva expects every employee to be caring – care for their colleagues, care for their families, care for their community, care for the world around us, and also care for their customers. The above six are the Core Values that drive our hiring at Selectiva.

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Place for you

If you believe and agree with ALL these core value then, Selectiva is the place for you to join.
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