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Salesforce Implementation
making Cloud solutions a reality!

The best thing you can do for your business is salesforce implantation. Salesforce has been “THE” Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for the betterment of your business that helps connect with partners, customers, and potential leads!

Salesforce Implementation

Implementing the CRM program is made effortless by selectiva. Cautious mapping is mandatory when setting up this system where integrations, testing, customization, and reports coincide with company goals.whether it is determining what data needs to migrate, setting appropriate permissions, creating pipelines & deal stages, establishing CRM settings, or simply define goals of your CRM. We make Salesforce Implementation adoption efficient and user-friendly.

Sales Cloud

We offer cloud based application that is tailored to assist your sales team enhance their sales ability, that guide them in judging potential sales leads and close deals faster, hence increasing business opportunities. Sales cloud is a Customer relationship management (CRM) platformed manufactured to market, support sales and customer in both business-to-business and business-to-customer relations.

Service Cloud

With service cloud we focus on providing a platform for customers that concentrates on helping and supporting our valued customers. The ideas behind service cloud is to provide One-to-one marketing relationship with each customer, across assorted platforms on any device. This feature allows the cloud to understand and reciprocate to customers on multiple channels and dispatch them to the right agent. This feature incorporates the In-App mobile features that includes screen sharing, live agent and navigated on-screen guidance.

Nonprofit Cloud

This is the best platform for Nonprofits solution. It gives you the best set of resolutions for all the Nonprofit needs in one place. Non profits have a larger responsibility to provide service with complete proficiency so as they can provide tailored experience that they promised. Hence, Nonprofit cloud provides resolutions for all such requirements like: fundraising, program management, volunteering, marketing, and multiple features that covers all the customers requirements to run any Nonprofit.

Commerce Cloud

Commerce cloud is a robust cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology partner ecosystem that helps your business provide a powerful solution for marketing, retailing, content, campaigns, customer service, and implementation. It allows your business to stay ahead of any roadblocks by allowing it to keep up with the fast pace of the ever-evolving e-commerce division so as your business can have the finest features.

Analytics Cloud

Cloud analytics is a term for the business service pattern where analytics are uses in cloud computing. Cloud analytics used a variety of components and analytical tools to assist companies obtain information from enormous data and has it ready for a web browser where it is easily characterized for growing companies. It unloads the burden of the implanting management.

Communities Cloud

Community clouds is a social media platform that is a next-general portal structured to connect data and records in business processes with employees, customers, and partners so as the business ecosystem can work efficiently.

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