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This is the best platform for Nonprofits solution. It gives you the best set of resolutions for all the Nonprofit needs in one place. Non profits have a larger responsibility to provide service with complete proficiency so as they can provide tailored experience that they promised. Hence, Nonprofit cloud provides resolutions for all such requirements like: fundraising, program management, volunteering, marketing, and multiple features that covers all the customers requirements to run any Nonprofit.

Making Nonprofit Cloud A reality!

This cloud was designed to meet the Nonprofit Industry so as you can use different pieces of Salesforce collection and adapt them to meet your Non profit requirements such as: fundraising, marketing, engagement, awareness, and more. At Selectiva, our consultants can help you customize and help you pick and select your preferred product and apply to your individual case.

Non profit cloud showcases convenient features that allow you to track your non profit status and provide analytical reports to keep you on track with your progress, allowing your cause to cultivate marketing communication strategies.

Easy Mobile apps can also help you keep all information needed on hand, which makes it easier to access and keep updated on the status of the organization. This feature allows you to uncover perceptions from your phone and track and assess impact in real time, keeping up with the latest and convenient ways to run your Organization smoothly.

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