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With service cloud we focus on providing a platform for customers that concentrates on helping and supporting our valued clientele. The idea behind service cloud is to provide One-to-one marketing relationship with each customer, across assorted platforms on any device. This feature allows the cloud to understand and reciprocate to customers on multiple channels and dispatch them to the right agent. This feature incorporates the In-App mobile features that includes screen sharing, live agent and navigated on-screen guidance.

Making Service Cloud A reality!

Service cloud allows customer communications and perseverance to be secured and organized onto a knowledge base platform that helps in an easy and faster problem solving.

With large traffic of customers in the organization through social media, this features services the customer on the same podium without routing its customer to different webpages for communication. Not only a live agent can assist the customer on this board, but the software has also incorporated with salesforce community cloud which allows customers to help each other.

Service cloud helps keep in touch with the latest and fastest form of customer support that is preferred by the customer.

The sales service is always available 24/7, and meets the preferred method of communication channels such as phone,chat, email, etc on a single console, making support service extremely efficient and easy.

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