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Selectmeta a VSCode extension for retrieving
salesforce metadata

Selectmeta is a user friendly VSCode extension which helps Salesforce developers to retrieve metadata without leaving the VSCode IDE. It is another add-on in the SFDX tool set.

Selectmeta is a Salesforce vscode extension that plays a key role in salesforce development and the advancement of its life cycle. Selectmeta is a visual tool in visual studio code that helps the developer connect to a salesforce org and pull metadata from it.

Selectmeta has the best user interface that supports development workflow and creates projects that connect with the Salesforce interface, and does not require any other tool for package.xml.

Selectmeta helps manage the connected Salesforce Eco-system by generating a password for scratch Salesforce Organization and view all connected scratch and non-scratch Salesforce Organization, and set default SFDX Org.

It is a great Organizational tool that is handy for building package.xml, pick metadata components fromUI, supports DX source & metadata Format, retrieve Metadata in DX Source and MDAPI format, and amazing addition to SFDX tools.


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