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Select*Trade Promotions

Managing Business-to-Business (B2B) relationships is the hallmark of many businesses that trade with their channel counterparties.

Trade Promotions set-up, administration and managing is one of the most important business functions by organizations.

To maintain that trading is another sizable business operation which can include activities like maintaining special pricing agreements or deal negotiations etc, between organization and its respective distributors or direct customer.

Products and services of an organization are categorized by their respective business owners and/or business units and request for special price or deal are approved/rejected by their respective owners.

Select*Trade Promotions (STP) provides you capability to maintain those special price requests or price negotiations for all business units in one system. In this system, business owners have capabilities to approve/reject or track any special price agreements or deal negotiations. STP also allows user to view deals done in past and print various types of reports.

Select*Trade Promotions (STP) is variously identified in specific industries with domain specific names. For instance, STP facilitates Deal Management in the semiconductor industry, While in the High Tech industry STP facilitates the process called as Agreement or Quote provided. However, No matter what the industry acronym for the same aspect, Select*Trade Promotion facilitates B2B trade with suitable promotions.

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