Empowering Efficiency: Streamlining Quoting processes for a leading Semiconductor manufacturer with Selectiva’s CPQ solution on Salesforce

February 14, 2024
Empowering Efficiency: Streamlining Quoting processes for a leading Semiconductor manufacturer with Selectiva's CPQ solution on Salesforce_Image.

Client Background

Our client is one of the leading semiconductor manufacturing companies globally, specializing in producing cutting-edge semiconductor components. With a vast network of distributors, external sales reps (ESRs), and internal sales reps (ISRs), the company sought to streamline and enhance its quoting process to cater to diverse quoting needs.


The client faced challenges in managing the complex and varied quoting requirements across its distributor network, ESRs, and ISRs. The existing quoting process lacked efficiency, leading to delays and inaccuracies in generating quotes. Recognizing the need for a robust solution, the client approached Selectiva Systems to build a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Quoting Engine.


Selectiva Systems proposed a comprehensive solution built on the Salesforce.com platform, leveraging the power of Controller and Apex Language for seamless integration and customization. The CPQ Quoting Engine was designed to cater to the specific needs of distributors, ESRs, and ISRs, providing a complete quote cycle for various quotes, including Budgetary and Quote to Buy.

Key Features

Project Key Features_Image.

CPQ Complete Quote Cycle for Distributors:

  • Budget and Quote: Distributors can efficiently create Budgetary and Quote to Buy quotes.
  • Order Creation: Streamlined order creation process for improved accuracy.
  • CPQ Complete Quote Cycle for ESRs and ISRs: External and Internal Sales Reps can navigate a user-friendly interface for creating and managing quotes.
  • Quotes Update: Revise and update quotes as needed for dynamic quoting scenarios.
  • CPQ Quote Approval/Rejection Flow for Pricing Team: Implemented a structured approval and rejection workflow to ensure pricing team oversight.
  • Accurate Pricing: Enhanced control over the quoting process to maintain pricing accuracy.
  • CPQ Bulk Upload: Enabled bulk upload functionality for quicker and more efficient quote creation.
  • Minimum Error: Reduced manual effort and minimized errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Additional Functionalities: Created an Order Quote and Ship & Debit Quote for comprehensive quoting options.
  • Regular Enhancement: Continuous enhancement with the ability to revise and update quotes as business requirements evolve.


Outcomes of comprehensive solution_Image.

Implementing the CPQ Quoting Engine brought about significant improvements in the quoting process. The client experienced streamlined operations, reduced quote generation times, and improved pricing accuracy. The user-friendly interface empowered distributors, ESRs, and ISRs to navigate the quoting process effortlessly, increasing efficiency.

The CPQ Quote Approval/Rejection flow gave the pricing team better control and oversight, ensuring that quotes adhered to pricing guidelines. The bulk upload functionality expedited the quoting process, saving time and resources.


Selectiva Systems successfully delivered a tailored CPQ Quoting Engine on the Salesforce.com platform, addressing the unique quoting needs of a leading semiconductor manufacturing company. The project’s success was marked by improved operational efficiency, reduced quoting times, and enhanced control over the quoting process. The client now enjoys a streamlined and automated quoting system that aligns with their business objectives and sets the foundation for future scalability.