Transforming Business Dynamics: A Case Study on Selectiva Systems Salesforce CPQ Implementation for a Fortune 500 Cloud Company

February 20, 2024
Transforming Business Dynamics_Image.

Client Overview:

In the fast-evolving landscape of cloud services and advertising, our client, a Fortune 500 cloud company and a global leader in advertising, embarked on a transformative journey to become a leading infrastructure provider (IaaS). The challenge lay in revamping their business model to offer a spectrum of order configurations, ranging from human-assisted to self-service quoting, order, and fulfilment. This necessitated a seamless interface between Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Revenue Cloud, creating a user-friendly, self-service business model.

Selectiva’s Solution:

Selectiva Systems played a pivotal role in this transformation by implementing Salesforce CPQ and creating a customer portal for self-service. The critical components of our solution included:

The solution provided to the customer by Selectiva encompassed_Image.

Salesforce CPQ Implementation:

Modified Sales Cloud to handle the unique business needs of the client.
Analyzed business requirements and mapped them to CPQ functions, minimizing customization.
They leveraged CPQ rules to expose self-service functionality, enabling customers to engage in self-ordering and self-quoting.
We introduced new products swiftly, ensuring a fast turnaround and adaptability to market changes.
Followed Salesforce suggested CPQ best practices for a successful implementation.

Custom Development:

Made relevant changes in existing Salesforce instances to align them with the new business model.
Developed custom code to achieve specific business objectives and implemented workflows and process builders to support custom logic.
It ensured rigorous adherence to coding standards and methods to guarantee compliance around financial reporting windows.

Data Migration and Enrichment:

Assisted in complex data loading between instances, ensuring a seamless transition and legacy data migration.
Focused on migrating historical customer data to maintain a rich application with past customer history, facilitating intelligent discounting.

Insights and Reporting:

Built Dashboards and Reports for comprehensive insights into business operations.
Implemented Salesforce Lightning with Figma for an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Technological Stack:

Utilized Salesforce technologies such as CPQ Rules, Workflows, Process Builder, Apex, and Salesforce administration configurations.
Leveraged Data Loader CLI for efficient data migration.
Incorporated JavaScript and ReactJS to create an intuitive UI in Figma.

Security and Administration:

Implemented Aura for secure and robust administration.
Ensured compliance with stringent security measures to safeguard sensitive business data.


Selectiva’s comprehensive solution empowered clients to transition seamlessly to their new business model. The implementation of Salesforce CPQ and associated technologies streamlined the quoting and order processes and facilitated self-service options for customers. The intuitive UI, enriched with historical customer data, allowed for more informed decision-making, leading to intelligent discounting strategies.

The client now enjoys the flexibility of introducing new products swiftly, thanks to the agile implementation process. Selectiva’s team’s adherence to Salesforce best practices, rigorous coding standards, and a collaborative approach ensured CPQ and Revenue Cloud integration.

In conclusion, this case study exemplifies Selectiva’s commitment to driving transformative change for our clients, adapting to their evolving needs, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create robust and future-ready solutions.