Streamlining B2B Sales and Support Processes with Test Automation

May 5, 2024
Streamlining B2B Sales and Support Processes with Test Automation_Image.

Client Overview:

A leading global provider of cloud-enabled security solutions sought to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their complex B2B sales and support processes. With a robust ecosystem built on the Salesforce platform, the client needed a comprehensive test automation solution to ensure smooth operations across their sales, service, and support functions.


The client’s business systems and processes, powered by Salesforce, were critical to their daily operations. However, manual testing of these intricate workflows was time-consuming and prone to human error. They required a scalable, reliable test automation strategy to keep pace with their agile development cycles and maintain high-quality standards across their Salesforce-based systems and customer portals.


Selectiva proposed implementing the Mabl Test Automation tool to address the client’s needs. Mabl’s low-code interface and seamless integration with Salesforce made it ideal for automating complex business processes. The project, dubbed “BSTA Test Automation with Mabl,” focused on automating key areas of the client’s Salesforce Lightning environment.


The Selectiva team meticulously mapped out the client’s business processes and prioritized critical workflows for automation. They then leveraged Mabl to create comprehensive test suites covering:

Sales Process Automation:
  • Opportunity and quote creation
  • Order Placement
  • Contract generation
Customer Lifecycle Management:
  • Contract amendments
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) processes
  • Renewal workflows
Customer Support Automation:
  • Web-to-Case creation
  • Email-to-Case conversion
  • Portal case creation and management

The team ensured all automated tests were robust, maintainable, and aligned with the client’s business rules and validation requirements.


Streamlining B2B Sales and Support Processes_Image.

The implementation of the BSTA Test Automation project yielded significant benefits for the client:

Increased Efficiency:

Test execution time was reduced by over 70%, allowing for more frequent testing and faster issue identification.

Improved Accuracy:

Automated tests consistently uncovered edge cases and subtle defects often missed during manual testing.

Enhanced Agility:

The development team could confidently change the Salesforce environment, knowing that automated regression tests would quickly catch unintended side effects.

Better Resource Utilization:

QA engineers were freed from repetitive manual testing, allowing them to focus on exploratory testing and test strategy improvements.

Accelerated Time-to-Market:

With faster testing cycles, new features and updates could be released rapidly without compromising quality.

Increased Customer Satisfaction:

The client saw a measurable increase in customer satisfaction scores by ensuring a bug-free experience across sales and support touchpoints.


The BSTA Test Automation project demonstrates how strategic implementation of test automation can transform complex B2B processes. The client successfully modernised their testing approach by choosing the right tools and partnering with experienced automation specialists, leading to more reliable systems and improved business outcomes.

Selectiva’s expertise in Salesforce automation and proficiency with the Mabl Test Automation tool was instrumental in delivering a solution that met and exceeded the client’s expectations. This case study underscores the importance of tailored test automation strategies in today’s fast-paced, software-driven business landscape.