Streamlining Quote-to-Cash with Salesforce

April 20, 2024
Streamlining Quote to Cash with Salesforce_Image.

Client Overview:

A leading cybersecurity and digital performance company.

The Challenge:

The company needed to modernize and optimize their entire quote-to-cash process to drive operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and accelerate revenue growth.

The Solution:

Selectiva implemented a comprehensive Salesforce solution leveraging the platform and Salesforce Lightning to transform the company’s quote-to-cash workflows.

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Key Components:

Streamlining Quote to Cash with Salesforce_Key Components_Image.

Complete Quote-to-Cash Process Implementation for Product Line

Selectiva deployed Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) to automate and streamline the company’s quote-to-cash process for their product line. This included guided product configuration, pricing, quoting, and contracting workflows.

CPQ Customization for Business Requirements

Selectiva’s team customized the standard CPQ functionalities to align with the company’s unique business requirements, ensuring a tailored solution that met their needs.

Enhanced QLI Editor for Efficient Quoting

An optimized QLI (Quote Line Interface) editor was implemented, providing sales teams with enhanced view and validation capabilities to generate accurate quotes quickly.

BluJay Integration for Compliance Verification

Integration with BluJay’s compliance solution ensured that all business parties involved in transactions were eligible and authorized to conduct business with one another, mitigating risk and adhering to regulatory requirements.

Avalara Integration for Taxation

Seamless integration with Avalara’s tax automation platform enabled accurate and up-to-date tax calculations, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of errors.

Integration with Legacy SaaS Portal

Selectiva established a secure integration between Salesforce and the company’s existing SaaS portal, allowing customers to view and manage their licenses generated through the Salesforce platform.

Billing Configuration for Product Line

Optimized billing configurations were set up for the product line, leveraging Salesforce’s native solutions to streamline billing processes without needing custom coding.

Dynamic Solutions for Direct and Resale Scenarios

Flexible and dynamic solutions were implemented to accommodate direct sales and resale scenarios, ensuring a seamless quote-to-cash experience for all customer types and sales channels.

The Result:

By leveraging Selectiva’s Salesforce expertise, the company achieved a fully automated and integrated quote-to-cash process, driving operational efficiencies, enhancing customer experiences, and accelerating revenue growth. The successful implementation paved the way for continued digital transformation and development within the company’s organization.